Darragh Equestrian are pleased to add the world famous Lorenzini Titanium Horse Equiptment to our list of Brands. This quality brand will give you and your horse the edge in whatever you choose to do. Made in Italy, Lorenzini Bits combine the beneficial characteristics of pure solid Titanium with the beauty and elegance of Italian craftsmanship. Titanium products by nature are antibacterial, nontoxic, biocompatible with the body and hypoallergenic.

They are also lightweight, corrosion resistant and offer superior strength, low heat conduction and strong ionization qualities. Patented and manufactured to the highest quality control standards, Lorenzini Titanium products mark a significant advance in equine products to the highest degree.

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Why a bit in titanium

Titanium is, by nature, covered by a layer of dioxide which destroys bacteria with great power. It is also effective also against high polluting agents in the atmosphere (nitrogen dioxide, benzene, sulphur oxide, carbon monoxide, ozone and certain fine particles). Furthermore, it is a very low heat conductor and therefore it always keeps a pleasant temperature to the touch. Being nonmagnetic, it creates a high protection net against the earth’s magnetic fields responsible for much dysfunctional behaviour both in humans and, even more so, in animals.

The advantages of the bits in titanium

Thanks to its heat, its resistance to acid based elements in the horse’s mouth, its extreme biocompatibility, and its lightness (the steel version weighs double) the bit in titanium is a valid alternative to the bits on the market at the moment. As a number of scientific tests have shown, once the bit is inserted inside its mouth, the horse chews, salivates and generally relaxes through his body. Ridability and performance are greatly enhanced in all disciplines, from the initial ‘beraking’ stage right through to the highest level competition horse.

Lorenzini Stirrups

Like their bit collection, Lorenzini stirrups combine the latest technology with Italian craftsmanship. These stirrups offer you a stylish alternative to traditional stirrups. Lorenzini Stirrups combine lightweight strength of Titanium and Aluminum, two extremely light materials. The angled wider cheese grater grip footbed eleviates foot, achilles and ankle stress while the Knurled foodplate in titanium increases the friction of its own surface so to guarantee the perfect grip and even in the case of accidental sliding of the foot, the stirrup remains in place and the rider can easily find the support.

Both Products are endorsed by Michael Whitaker who also acts as an advisor to the Lorenzini craftsmen.



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