Position is everything so why not kick-off the season with a custom made Jaguar saddle or bridle from Darragh Equestrian Solutions. For over 35 years Harry Dabbs has been known as one of the finest saddle and bridle makers in the world. With the evolution of Jaguar Equestrian, the combination of renowned craftsmanship and design has led to perfecting a saddle that gives a more responsive ride, while insuring a perfect fit for both horse and rider. Jaguar Equestrian understands the need for flexibility, versatility and comfort, so they have developed and introduced the UFO-Unique Fitting Options. Jaguar saddles fit any rider (tall, small etc) and any horse, with all disciplines catered for.

Each Jaguar bridle comes with a set of spare cheek pieces ensuring whatever bitting option you choose, your handcrafted bridle will accommodate. The Bridles also have optional flash and crank or standard closure.

To organise your personal fitting, contact Helena at Darragh Equestrian Solutions, 0404-42720 or check out their range of products

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