Smart Grooming

Smart Grooming, a unique product which specialise’s in equestrian and canine products. Products been designed to be innovative, original and of course, useful.   Smart Grooming make products that  “really work”.  The products range from the highly effective tail thinner -” Smart Tails” a product derived with the aim of providing grooming tools that enabled animals to be tidied safely, humanely and quickly.  With the launch of Smart Tails, this innovative thinning tool has enabled owners to achieve the “pulled” look but without the pain and discomfort normally associated with getting a show finish to a tail. 

Other products in the range include ‘Smart manes’ and ‘Smart Coats’ The latter have a wider blade width of 5″.Brilliant for removing the winter undercoat. Tried and tested on ponies with Cushings and Donkeys and Shetland ponies who tend to be heavily coated all year round, continue to use them during the non shedding season and they will actually thin the coat by cutting. Using them in the Spring time on all other large animals as well, will allow removal of the winter coat to be done very quickly as the head is so wide.

 Smart Grooming also include fun, low cost stencils, give personalisation to the “clipped” horse. Using high quality vinyl, the sheets are easy to apply to any area of the horse or pony, and will stay in place once in position.  Aimed at all levels of riders, from happy hackers that want fun personalisation, to teams for team logo and corporate personalisation on sponsor’s horses.Although mainly associated with clipping in the Autumn, these stencils can be used equally well on summer coats, leaving a more permanent design than traditional quartermarking.  Also available are Spray Stencils together with a range of exciting spray colours for individual personal designs.  



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